Trees available from 20cm up to 200cm in the following options:

Scott and the team at Bruinsma Grasstrees Cronulla can assist you with:


Select a Tree in Person or from a photo


Delivery or Pickup Options Available


Have It Installed or Do It Yourself


Get Care Advice and/or Have Your Tree Maintained

GrassTrees Cronulla

Bruinsma Grasstrees has recognised the need to have specialised grass tree services and knowledge “on the ground” in the Sydney area.

Scott is our direct expert representative in Sydney who has been comprehensively trained by Bruinsma Grasstrees in grass tree sales, installation, and maintenance. He is stocking a selection of different sized beautiful Xanthorrhoea johnsonii grass trees that have been professionally transplanted into pots and stabilised by Bruinsma Grasstrees.

For Sydney based retail enquiries, including sales, delivery, and planting, please contact Scott on 0458330070, or use the contact form below and let us know you’re in Sydney. Or drop in to your local nursery, there’s a high chance our grass trees are available there.

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