Grasstrees Cronulla

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Bruinsma Grasstrees has recognised the need to have specialised grass tree services and knowledge “on the ground” in the Sydney area. 

Grasstrees Cronulla can assist you with: 

  • choosing healthy and suitable grass trees for your garden or project
  • delivery
  • installation
  • ongoing care and maintenance

Stocking a large selection of beautiful Xanthorrhoea johnsonii grass trees that have been professionally harvested and stabilised by Bruinsma Grasstrees.

Trained and certified in installation and maintenance by Bruinsma Grasstrees.

A Sydney-based point of contact for Nurseries, Landscapers, and Public clients in expert grass tree services. 

Trees available from 20cm up to 200cm in the following options:

  • Multi headers and multi trunked grass trees
  • Extra thick single trunk grass trees
  • Regular thickness single trunk grass trees
  • Discounted / skinny / imperfect trunks / seconds grass trees


Contact Scott - 0458330070 -