Grass Trees

Here you will find a collection of the different trees we have on offer at the moment.

Single Trunk

Single headed grass trees from 20-30cm up to 190-200cm of trunk height.

The following applies to all our grass trees:

  • Sustainably sourced by licenced NSW Protected Plants Approved Harvester.
  • Protected Plants tag attached to each tree.
  • Trees are measured in trunk height only. Trunk height does NOT include pot or leaves.
  • Trunk height reflects age. A 100cm tree is approximately 100 years old.
  • Average 12-36 month stabilisation process in pots.
  • Each grass tree is wonderfully unique and will vary from example photos.
Pickup Options
  • Pickup address #1
  • Pickup address #2

Single headed grass trees from 20cm up to 2m of trunk height.


190-200cm, 180-190cm, 170-180cm, 160-170cm, 150-160cm, 140-150cm, 130-140cm, 120-130cm, 110-120cm, 100-110cm, 90-100cm, 80-90cm, 70-80cm, 60-70cm, 50-60cm, 40-50cm, 30-40cm, 20-30cm

Pot Size

400mm, 500mm

If required, we can arrange delivery with specialist plant freight companies to many locations.

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