Grass Trees

Here you will find a collection of the different trees we have on offer at the moment.

Multi Headed & Multi Trunked

Single headed grass trees from 20cm up to 2m of trunk height. If required, we can arrange delivery where possible with specialist plant freight companies.

The following applies to all our grass trees:

  • Sustainably harvested under Approved Harvester license.
  • Each tree comes with government issued Protected Plants tag.
  • Trunk height is measured from the top of the soil to where the grass emerges out from the trunk.
  • Trunk height reflects age – 100cm tree is approximately 100 years old.
  • An average 12-36 month stabilisation process in pots until roots have fully recovered from transplanting and display sufficient leaf regrowth.
  • Our expert team will hand select healthy trees that co-ordinate with the rest of your order.
  • Each tree is wonderfully unique – but similar style and character trees are chosen when possible to create consistency in your order.
  • Actual trees may vary from example photos
Pickup Options
  • Pickup address #1
  • Pickup address #2

Multi headed and multi trunked grass trees from 20cm up to 200cm of trunk height.


POA, 190-200cm, 180-190cm, 170-180cm, 160-170cm, 150-160cm, 140-150cm, 130-140cm, 120-130cm, 110-120cm, 100-110cm, 90-100cm, 80-90cm, 70-80cm, 60-70cm, 50-60cm, 40-50cm, 30-40cm, 20-30cm

Pot Size

500mm, POA

If required, we can arrange delivery with specialist plant freight companies to many locations.

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