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Our number one priority is to provide a consistent wholesale supply of exquisite grass trees to our nursery clients across the east coast of Australia.

We are not a retail store, but occasionally we will have open days at our farm, near Yamba NSW, where you can come and purchase directly. Let us know via the contact form below if you’d like us to inform you when our next open day/s are scheduled.

For Sydney based retail enquiries, including sales, delivery, and planting, please contact Scott on 0458330070, or use the contact form below and let us know you’re in Sydney. Or drop in to your local nursery, there’s a high chance our grass trees are available there.

As you can imagine, home delivery of bulky, valuable plants, is not something that your local courier is willing to do on his parcel delivery run. And grass trees fit outside the scope of Australia Post unfortunately. So for direct retail enquiries OUTSIDE of Sydney, please contact us for upcoming open days or get in touch with your local nursery or landscaper who may be able to place a wholesale order with us.

If you have a question about how to care for your grass tree, we have a stack of free information available on our InstagramFAQ page and in our Planting and care guide. Unfortunately, if you have not purchased your grass tree from us, we do not have the resources to individually diagnose and provide a plan for helping you with your grass tree. If your grass tree is one of ours, then by all means, get in touch for any support required.

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