CRONULLA Single trunk grass trees - Xanthorrhoea johnsonii REGULAR THICKNESS

  • Sustainably harvested under Approved Harvester license.
  • Each tree comes with government issued Protected Plants tag.
  • Trunk height is measured from the top of the soil to where the grass emerges out from the trunk.
  • Trunk height reflects age - 100cm tree is approximately 100 years old.
  • Hand Harvested
  • All grass trees have been stabilised in pot until roots have fully recovered from transplanting and display sufficient leaf regrowth - Approximately 50cm of leaf regrowth after harvesting. On average this is a 12 month stabilisation process.
  • Our expert team will hand select healthy trees that co-ordinate with the rest of your order.
  • Each tree is wonderfully unique - but similar style and character trees are chosen when possible to create consistency in your order. 
  • Actual trees may vary from example photos