How to plant grass trees for high survival success.


If you've purchased grass trees for yourself or a client, you've likely already made a fair investment. You want to ensure they have the best chance of survival possible, so you need to plant them well. Equip yourself with with these tips and video guide so that you give the plants the best chance possible to flourish in their new home.

1. Pre digging your holes makes things efficient - especially if you're planting multiple trees. Measure the size of the rootball as it currently is, then dig your hole about 5-10cm wider, and no deeper than the rootball.

2. Osmocote or Nutricote for natives are high quality slow release fertilisers that can be mixed in the soil or thrown into the hole during planting.

3. Lift carefully so that you stay safe AND so the rootball stays in tact as much as possible - watch the video for techniques. Don't try to be a hero. You could hurt yourself or damage the rootball as you're struggling to manoeuvre the plant into the hole.

4. Water in well upon planting. Ideally, you want the roots to have fairly consistent access to moisture over the the initial 12 months after planting. This may mean watering once or twice a week. Maybe slightly more often during hot dry times if your soil is super sandy and cant retain moisture. You can water less if you've had rain. Adjust for your conditions... but basically the principle is that with consistent (but not flooding) moisture in the soil for the roots to access, the plants will grow best.

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