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We have a flat rate shipping cost of $110 to metro areas of Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane – when buying direct from us for personal use. If you live outside these areas, please provide your full delivery address for an accurate freight quote. Transporting valuable plants is a specialist […]

How much is delivery?

Use the Enquiry Form or email Be sure to include: How many and of what sized grass trees you’re interested in. The delivery address so we can obtain an accurate quote for freight on your behalf. If you have any unique requests or questions, please be sure to ask away! We […]

How do I place an order?

Maybe! The very outer leaves of your tree naturally go brown over time and hang down next to the trunk of the tree. This is normal. This process can happen very fast during hot dry periods. As long as the inner new growth is green or even light green, this […]

My grass tree looks sick. Can you help?

Yes you can. But you don’t need to. In the wild it is rare for a tree under 800mm to produce a flower spike. However, In good soil and growing conditions, they can flower sooner and even produce more than one spike, which may then develop into more heads. Look […]

Should I remove the flower spike?

Well. You can. But we don’t recommend it. The tree will never be able to establish itself by sending roots deep and wide. If you really feel the need to plant your tree in its pot, you will need to look after it like a potted plant. Here are some […]

Can I plant my grass tree in the pot?

1. Proper drainage is very important. Dig a hole where you plan to plant the tree and fill it with water 2 days in a row to simulate lots of rain. If the water drains away, then you’re fine. But don’t dig a watery grave for your tree by planting […]

How do I plant my grass tree?

Grass trees are highly valued for a number of reasons: 1. They grow very slowly – at a rate of approximately 1cm per year. This means that a tree with a trunk height of only 50cm is already over 50 years old. A tree with a trunk 1m tall began its […]

Why are grass trees so high in value?