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Creating a new outdoor area? Renovating a garden? Want to make an impression?! With their striking appeal and incredible ability to live for hundreds of years, grass trees capture Australia’s unique native beauty. They will undoubtedly transform your garden into a space of distinguished status and timeless wonder. But sometimes it can be tricky to work out what to look for and how to make the best investment when you’re out to buy grass trees for your garden. Here we have put together a helpful guide to steer you in the right direction when making a grass tree purchase.


Tips for how to buy grass trees

  1. Ensure your grass tree comes with a licensed tag from a relevant government body. Xanthorrhoea are a protected native plant and harvesters require licenses to remove them and each tree requires a tag to show it’s been harvested sustainably. Buying a grass tree without a tag supports unlicensed harvesting and increases the risk of being duped into buying a tree that is not healthy or is unlikely to survive.
  2. Check out the grass on top. At a minimum, there should be 40-50cm of grass on top. It should be green in colour. The very innermost leaves can often be pale green/white if the tree is healthy and growing actively because they are new and haven’t seen enough sunlight to photosynthesise and turn green yet.
  3. Avoid grass trees that have brown inner leaves or a significant length of brown tips all over. These are often signs of stress. However, don’t be put off or confused by any brown leaves at the very outer/lower part of the grass head. This is completely normal. Over time, the green leaves get pushed outwards by the new inner growth. As they get pushed outwards, they die off and hang down beside the trunk and when left untrimmed, it can give the appearance of a brown skirt around the tree. You can see some examples here.
  4. Check to see that your grass tree is solid in its pot. A loosely potted grass tree is a warning sign that it may be recently harvested and not have had enough time to recover from the shock of being transplanted yet. It’s also at risk of the roots being damaged.
  5. Trunk imperfections are often irrelevant. Don’t be put off if the trunk of a blackboy plant has what appears to be an imperfection in its trunk. This rarely affects the health of the tree and often adds to its character and uniqueness. Don’t forget how old the tree is and how it may have been knocked and hit by branches etc during its many years of growth. A 100cm tall trunked grass tree has seen over a hundred years. Imagine how many scars and ‘imperfections’ you’d have after a hundred years!
  6. Buy the height that you want it to be now. Don’t buy a short trunked grass tree expecting it to grow into the height you’re after. At at trunk height growth rate of 1cm per year, you might not be around long enough to see it!


Buying from us

Being industry leaders comes with responsibility. Our unwavering commitment has always been to supply the most reliable grass trees. We’re dedicated to having the highest rate of survival to ensure the investment you make into your garden is a worthy one. It’s because of this that we only sell our grass trees once we are completely satisfied that they have successfully survived the traumatic transplant process, which can take from 4 months to several years. You can expect to receive a plant that is established, healthy, and actively growing. This is why Bruinsma Grasstrees have been leading the way with the most reliable and healthy grass trees for sale since 1982.

We currently stock Xanthorrhoea johnsonii grass trees of various sizes. They range in trunk height from 30cm up to 220cm. Most of our stock are single headed trees.

If you need the absolute cream of the crop, and most grand looking grass trees with the largest of grass heads and extra thick trunks, just mention that with your enquiry. Be mindful that these are limited.

If you’re on a shoe string budget but still want some of our amazing grass trees, we’ve also got some thinner trunked trees at a fraction of the price – thinner trunks but just as healthy.

A beautiful thing about grass trees is that each is unique. Their trunks often have shape and character and irregularity. You can be confident that we will only supply grass trees that are healthy and ready to be planted. Our reputation depends on it!

For something a little more unusual, check out some of our selection of rare and highly sought after multi-headed trees, or make an enquiry through the contact page.

For over 33 years we have been supplying grass trees of supreme standard to:

  • Nurseries and Landscapers
  • Private Residential Customers
  • Large Commercial Projects


**If you are a trade client (Nursery or Landscaper) who will be reselling our grass trees, email to enquire about the benefits of becoming a trade partner with access to our trade pricing.**


Retail Price List for Single Headed Regular thickness grass trees (as seen in photos)

Trunk Height (Approx. Years old)

Prices Incl GST

30 – 40cm                (40 Yrs)$319.00
40 – 50cm                (50 yrs)$374.00
50 – 60cm                (60 yrs)$429.00
60 – 70cm                (70 yrs)$484.00
70 – 80cm                (80 yrs)$539.00
80 – 90cm                (90 yrs)$594.00
90 – 100cm             (100 yrs)$649.00
100 – 110cm           (110 yrs)$704.00
110 – 120cm           (120 yrs)$759.00
120 – 130cm           (130 yrs)$814.00
130 – 140cm           (140 yrs)$869.00
140 – 150cm           (150 yrs)$924.00
150 – 160cm           (160 yrs)$979.00
160 – 170cm           (170 yrs)$1,034.00
170 – 180cm           (180 yrs)$1,089.00
180 – 190cm           (190 yrs)$1,144.00
190 – 200cm           (200 yrs)$1,199.00
200 – 220cm           (220 yrs)please enquire
Multi heads/trunkssee multi’s page

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